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700ft/55 story Nashville proposal **NEW**


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Ooops! Sorry about the repost! I'm new here, and trying to learn fast.

I saw this in the paper this morning and found this site as I tried to find out more about this project. I live in Chattanooga, but love NashVegas. This is great news for a promising development. I've always thought that their downtown skyline seemed to be missing something.

Now if this one gets off the ground, and the Palmer towers on West End, then things will look pretty darn nice. I have a friend who is a developer of smaller buildings and he has his ear to the ground on a lot of projects in the Nashville area. He had told me about this one several weeks ago. He also mentioned something about another combination office/hotel tower in the 35-40 range (600+ ft) being planned for the gulch area between Church and Broad... and the new Federal Courthouse tower which (I think) will be in the 18-24 floor range. And then the rumors are circulating about a new 30+ hotel tower to accompany a new convention center. Does anybody know anything about those proposals.

It looks like Nashville may yet get a skyline after all.

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Since your friend seems to be in the real estate/developer arena, maybe he knows things I don't. If that is true, then I suppose the courthouse will be taller then I realized, and maybe there is another 35-40 story building in the makes?

I simply don't know.

One thing I do know about the 31 story Viridian is that its not going to make an impact on the skyline. Its more or less infill, even though its 400ft. LOL

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