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On Halloween Eve 100 Years ago . . .

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Halloween the most theatrical of all holidays, where for a few hours the most civilized adults embrace fantasy and whimsy, the costumes that we would like to be if only society would let us . . . we are all vaudevillians on this night, we are all in touch with the harvest moon and the cool crisp night . . .

Downtown Pittsburgh celebrates this night of make believe and trick or treat in a unique way every year, the Byham Theater one of the oldest and most hearlded vaudeville playhouses in the world. It has enough stories of whimsy and make believe to fill volumes of books celebrates its theatrical birth of 100 years ago on Halloween night!


The Pittsburgh community really should celebrate the rich history of vaudeville, theater and drama on the night in which stagecraft is most celebrated!

Halloween Night 1904 . . . Halloween Night 2004 . . .


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