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From the Austin Business Journal.

Report: Austin poised to become 'clean energy capital'

Austin is positioning itself to become the "Clean Energy Capital of the World," according to Houston-based market research company Industrial Information Resources Inc.

The U.S. Department of Energy recently noted Austin recorded green energy sales in 2002 that were double the amount sold by the city of Sacramento, Calif., and Minneapolis-based electricity powerhouse Xcel Energy Inc. [NYSE: XEL] combined.

The Austin City Council recently passed a resolution directing the municipal utility Austin Energy to "develop and incorporate a strategic plan that will ensure Austin remains a national and international leader in the development and use of clean energy," according to an Industrial Information Resources report.

Austin is on its way to meeting the council's 1999 goal of 5 percent renewable energy sales by 2005, according to the report. Through its GreenChoice Program, Austin Energy offers retail and commercial customers the option to choose renewable power sources such as wind and solar power.

Austin Energy's largest resource consists of 61 wind turbines on King Mountain in West Texas. GreenChoice receives electricity from the Tessman Landfill Biogas Project near San Antonio, as well as a small hydroelectric plant in Cuero on the Guadalupe River.

The report also states Austin has landed clean energy events such as the International Green Building Conference and the American Solar Energy Society Conference.

In addition, Central Texas is home to at least 80 clean energy business enterprises that generate more than $250 million in annual revenue and employ 2,600 people, according to the report.

Furthermore, Austin is home to the Clean Energy Incubator, which helps young clean energy companies succeed. The Clean Energy Incubator is a program of the Austin Technology Incubator and the IC2 Institute at the University of Texas.

Copyright 2003 American City Business Journals Inc

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Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has reached a deal to purchase all of their energy for all of their Austin facilities, including the new 850,000 sf campus they plan to build, form renewable sources. AMD signed a 10-year contract with Austin Energy's GreenChoice Program and will receive 52 million kilowatt-hours at a fixed price. The deal is expected to save AMD $4 million over the period of the contract. Companies that signed contracts with the GreenChoice program in 2000 are paying 1.7 cents per kilowatt-hour, while standard energy users are currently paying 2.8 cents per kilowatt-hour. Over the life of the contract, the equivalent pollution created by 9,055 cars every year will be eliminated or the amount of energy used annually by 5,263 homes in Austin.

According to the EPA, AMD is now the largest private Green Power user in the state of Texas and the 5th largest private and 12th largest overall Green Power user in the U.S.

The green power provided by Austin Energy comes almost entirely from wind turbines in West Texas. Austin Energy has contracted for 450 million kilowatt-hours this year, more than any other utility-sponsored green power program in the country.

Austin American-Statesman: AMD turns greener

Austin Business Journal: AMD becomes largest private 'green' power user in the state

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Austin Energy was awarded the 2005 Wind Energy Pioneer Award by the U.S. Department of Energy.

Austin Energy's GreenChoice program has been the top-selling utility green power program in the United States for three years in a row.

Austin Energy has set a goal of having 20% of its energy coming from wind and other renewable sources by the year 2020.

Austin Business Journal: Austin Energy wins national wind power award

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The Austin area had three renewable energy users make it onto the EPA's Top 25 Green Power Partnership list.

#8. Whole Foods Market - 71,428 MWh - 20% of electricity used

#12. AMD / Austin Facilities - 52,448 MWh - 100% of electrictity used

#14. Austin Independent School District - 48,827 MWh - 30% of electricity used

Full list: http://www.epa.gov/greenpower/partners/top25.htm

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The updated EPA Top 25 Green Power Partnership list came out earlier this month. Once again had three Austin area users on it.

#2. Whole Foods Market - 458,388 MWh - 100% of electricity used

#13. AMD / Austin Facilities - 52,448 MWh - 100% of electricity used

#16. Austin Independent School District - 48,827 MWh - 30% of electricity used

Full list: http://www.epa.gov/greenpower/partners/top25.htm

This is a recent article about Whole Foods decision to purchase wind energy credits from Renewable Choice Energy Inc to power all of their stores and other facilities. With this deal, Whole Foods has become the largest corporate user of wind power in the U.S.

Austin American-Statesman: Whole Foods commits to green power

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The Green Guide ranked Austin the #2 green city in the U.S. It was the only large southern city to make the top 25, although two smaller southern cities did make it, #9 Huntsville, AL, and #12 Lexington, KY.

Austin was cited for its commitment to solar power and green building as well as its Smart Growth Initiative.


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The Austin Independent School District will recieve one out of 19 diesel-electric hybrid school buses that will be distributed across the country.

IC Corp., with Enova Systems Inc., unveiled the first hybrid school bus at a recent New York trade show. The company says the hybrids are 40 percent more fuel-efficient than conventional buses are.

The buses recharge their batteries while they slow down, which in turn provides more power for acceleration.

Austin American-Statesman: Austin to get a hybrid-powered school bus

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