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New Sprawl for Cola


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Developers are proposing a 27-hole golf course with 2,500 residential units for the West Wateree area in Kershaw County. The project would be built on 1,143 acres parallel to Whiting Way, the frontage road on I-20 between Exit 87 in Elgin and Exit 92 in Lugoff.

According to plans the developers

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I got the impression that it wasnt Mungo. But if it is, I can't say I'm suprised.

over the next years, seeing all the development aimed for the west columbia side of the vista, i think the next sprawl after the lexington and north east side, will be going towards orangeburg and the lower richland side. thats were the most undeveloped land is at, and the ways things are going it might be the only side of columbia with mass acres of untouched land.

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