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Upscale housing for Downtown Cola


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Upscale residences to be built downtown


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The historic Middleton Building at the foot of the Gervais Street Bridge and the surrounding 3.85 acres will be turned into 54 upscale residential town houses and condominiums called The City Club.

The project will include eight condominium flats inside the Middleton Building that will range in price from $250,000 to $420,000, and 46 new

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It is a little known fact that the Doolittle Raiders used the Columbia Army Air Base to prepare for their secret boming of Tokyo during World War II. That base was formerly the Lexington County Airport, and is now the Columbia Metropolitan Airport.

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That is *crazy* expensive!!!  They better look cool.

I sure hope CanalSide has more accessible pricing -- like they've been saying it should.


I believe they will look cool. The new site is across the street

from my office. All we have now is a state parking lot and

quite a few homeless. There are many people living down

here along the waterfront..the guys who don't want to be

in a shelter. Anything is better than having to lock your

doors because of vagrants.

Doesn't CanalSide require a mixture of affordable housing

with the upscale?. DMH property is to be developed like that.

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