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Kales open house


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There's an open house at the Kales building this Sunday (10/31) from 12pm to 4pm for anyone interested. I actually got to take a look at the units today, and they are pretty reasonable (price wise). There's a fitness room, business center, utilities, and parking all included in the rent.

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I think they do an open house every weekend, just walk by on the weekend and ask the guys standing out front. Unfortunatly ebaldy I didn't take any pictures. On the lower level there is supposed to be retail inside the Kales. The guy said that they are trying to do about 6 or 7 shops. The guy giving the tour said that developers were buying the buildings to the north of Kales and that they'd be developed soon. There is underground parking for the residents, a fitness room, business center (Which just looks like a closet), and a tanning room (I should get a rebate since I'd never need to use this :D ), and utilities all included in the rent. This is a deal considering Merchant's Row charges serperate for this stuff.

On the other hand though, it's not quite as impressive as merchant's row looks. The ceilings are lower, and the floors don't look quite as good. Don't get me wrong, it's still very impressive and I plan on buying a unit. Merchant's row is indeed impressive though.

Here are some of the rates that I got from the guy giving the tour.

Unit F 600 sq ft rents from $705-855

Unit E 815 sq ft rents from $972-1135

The price range is from $705 to 1144 for one bedrooms, and two bedrooms from

$1255 to 1684.

You can check out the units on www.kales76.com

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Wait...buildings to the north of Kales? Did I see that correctly?

There is that short 2-story building directly north of Kales (I don't know the name of it), the Women's City Club, the Blenheim Building, and the Detroit Building. Maybe Ilitch has decided that his hockey stadium would look better elsewhere? I really don't see how any development in that area could get done unless Ilitch actually decided to sell some of his properties.

I know the Park Avenue Building just west of the Kales is owned by Sean Harrington, who owns the Town Pump/Park Avenue Hotel and the Iodent Building. So I am assuming that it will eventually get redeveloped as he gets the money. I have no idea who owns the Charlevoix Building, but I've heard it is in really bad shape. Apparently the roof sags when you stand on it! I don't give it much longer...Maybe 2 years.

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