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County Moves Forward with Heavy Rail Airport Conne


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yes, baylink straw vote passed, but it doesn't really mean that much.

I think it would have meant more if it lost. The politicians are still for the most part against the project i think. The straw vote was bascially just asking the citizens opinion without any binding rules. That being said, the future of baylink does look a lot brighter than it did last week.

Also, I believe this will be the first metrorail expansion. It'll be pretty big to have a connection to the airport, especially as the MIC finishes.

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The existing Metrorail "green line" vs. the proposed expansion:


In case the pictures don't display:

  • Existing:

  • Expansion:

The Earlington Heights connector will be a short two-mile branch line that will connect the MIC to the existing Metrorail line, providing a connection to downtown from the Airport (via the MIC) for the first time, until the east-west line is completed. It's the L-shaped orange line above the MIC in the diagram below. It would also be the first piece of a future north-south line.

Connector zoomed in:



The red loop that goes between the MIC and the Airport is the MIC-MIA Connector, a people mover line that will connect the terminal to MIC's Consolidated Rental Car Facility and the ground transportation terminal.


As for the straw ballot vote, the Miami-Dade MPO has overriding authority on transportation projects (so they could have done it regardless), but they clearly expressed that they would gladly spend the money elsewhere (where federal matching funds would be appreciated) if Miami Beach didn't want it.

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