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Trolley collision in Newton


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Trolley slams into waiting train in Newton, injuring seven

By Associated Press, 11/4/2004 11:48

NEWTON, Mass. (AP) An MBTA Green Line trolley slammed into the back of another train on Thursday, leaving seven people with minor injuries and disrupting service.

The trailing trolley had been traveling around 20 mph when it hit the stationary trolley, which was waiting to enter the Newton Centre station on an outbound trip to the Boston suburb, said Joe Pesaturo, a spokesman for the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority.

The accident occurred around 10 a.m., about 300 feet east of the station on the Green Line's ''D'' branch. A single car on each of the two-car trolleys derailed.

Four transit workers and three passengers were taken to hospitals, including the driver of the trolley that ran into the rear of the first trolley. One passenger suffered a broken nose, and most of the others suffered back and neck pains, Pesaturo said.

Afterward, riders were being bused between the Reservoir and Newton Highlands stations.

The accident's cause was under investigation.

From Boston.com

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