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Firm creates disc that stores data on corn

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Eco-friendly disc to store data on corn

Thu Nov 4, 2:47 AM ET Science - AFP

TOKYO (AFP) - Giving a new meaning to the term grassroots music, Pioneer Corp. said it had developed a next-generation disc made of corn to let the eco-conscious consumer dispose of data in the soil.

The Japanese electronics maker said the Blu-ray optical disc, which can be written once and stores 25 gigabytes of data, is 87 percent natural polymer derived from corn and biodegrades.

"If the starch polymer is incinerated, it will not emit dioxins and any other harmful chemicals," the company said.

While the disc can theoretically be eaten, it is coated by a 0.1-millimeter (0.004-inch) thick layer of resin and is too hard for even the strongest teeth.

Pioneer has yet to decide when to market the disc.

Earlier this year Sony Corp (NYSE:SNE - news) (news - web sites). and another Japanese company Toppan Printing said they had developed a paper disc that can be destroyed with scissors for fool-proof data security.

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very nice article . . . what is the most exciting thing over the next 10-20 years is this microscience stuff, nanotechnology, it really can be limitless and would change absolutely EVERYTHING. Can't wait!

Great addition to the board cityboi, i love reading articles about what is on that horizon!

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