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John Edwards run in 2008.


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Everyone seems to agree that former presidential running mate John Edwards will likely run in 2008, including Hillary Clinton. While Hillary is well like among democrats, she is viewed as too liberal for folks in the conservative south and mid/interior west. If she were nominated, she would follow John Kerry's fate. John Edwards however would not only have the support of the northeast and the other urban area where democrats can win but he would have support among people in the south and midwest. His southern charm would help win southern states the same way Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton did. If he runs in 2008, he will likely become the democratic nominee. He has been exposed to the nation and based on national polls he is more popular than Kerry, Cheney and Bush. Some have said that since Edwards position on the ticket didnt pick up any southern states, he may not be the best candidate for the democrats but I dont agree. I think John Kerry being on the top of the ticket was a big turn off to those southern and midwestern voters and had Edwards been the nominee and a different running mate. We may have a different outcome and Bush may not be president. Even before Kerry became the nominee in February of 2004, it was reported that white house insiders fear John Edwards the most and they were relieved that democrats picked Kerry over Edwards. But its not over for John Edwards and I supect we will see him in 2008.

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Senator Edwards Getting Ready To Run For President

Raleigh, NC -- Democrat John Edwards lost the election for the vice presidency this week and will lose his Senate seat in January. But he's hardly going away. He's positioned himself for a full-out presidential run in 2008, a campaign that in a way he's already begun.

For now, though, politics is on hold. His wife, Elizabeth, was diagnosed with breast cancer this week just after Democrat John Kerry and running mate Edwards conceded the race to President Bush.

"Together, our family will beat this," Edwards said on Thursday in a statement that made clear her treatment would be the focus of his immediate future.

Longer range, the North Carolina senator with the good looks, Southern charm, rags-to-riches biography and "tomorrow can be better than today" pitch is in the top rank of candidates expected to compete for the White House in four years.

That's despite his liabilities: He's leaving the Senate after a single term; he has little foreign policy experience; he couldn't deliver his own state or any other in the South for Kerry, despite boasting that "I will beat George Bush in my backyard." But he now has the experience and public exposure of a national campaign.

While Edwards has not announced his intentions, he never has been shy about his presidential aspirations. He introduced Kerry on Wednesday with a speech that could be considered the first of the 2008 contest.

"This campaign may end today, but the battle for you and the hardworking Americans who built this country rages on," Edwards said. "At the end of our heartache today resides an eternal hope for the country we're going to fight for and the country we're going to build together."

Democrats say they expect Edwards to be extremely active in the party, speaking at events, raising money and endearing himself to the rank and file. Campaigning for the nomination years early, in effect.

Associated Press

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That would be interesting to see. Edwards would probably have alot of pull in the South as a presidential candidate. I konw alot of people in SC that said they would have voted for him if he were the presidential candidate. I can't speak for NC, but they did vote him into office once.

Most people don't take the VP into that much consideration. So I think that if he could beat out Hillary in the primaries he could probably have a chance. Thats the trick though. Those Clintons are good at being weaselly, so he'd have a heck of a fight.

I personally think that Hillary will wait and see who wins the next eleciton. If its not a Democrat, she would then run in 2012.

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I do think Edwards would have the party's their preformance in the south, but I don't think a southern liberal could ever make many inroads into the south or west anymore, Gore lost his own state in 2000 and Edwards from what I hear is reviled as much as he is loved in NC, the senate seat he won, was a Obama deal from what I remember. What is hopeful for the Dems is that some of the southern states were within 10 or less points for contention.

What I think is gonna really hurt Edwards is that he will be viewed as the "one term Senator" from NC and is currently not in politics . . . he resigned his seat or didn't run for it. Being out of the game might make him a longshot.

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This is going to be my last politically motivated post for some time. I'm exhausted with politics and after this election I'm filled with quite a bit of sadness.

monsoon, we've had a long chat privately on this. You know my feelings, so here goes.

Kerry was not the wrong choice for this year. I think he was in fact better than Edwards and no one kept Edwards down. Edwards was on the campaign trail every day almost for the past four months. Just because CNN, Fox, and the networks didn't show his stump speeches doesn't mean he wasn't in the foreground. You had to watch C-SPAN to see his speeches.

Here's why Kerry was not the wrong choice.

Al Gore won every election he'd ever ran for in Tennessee until the year 2000. He lost to Bush by a slim margin. 51% for Bush to 48% for Gore.

Are you aware that Kerry actually got more votes in Tennessee then Gore did? Yet he had far less percent against Bush because Bush recieved a few hundred thousand more votes in 2004 because of hundreds of thousands of new voters.

The south is not going to vote for Democrat no matter what, its currently becoming more conservative and more Republican by the day. Edwards would lose every southern state just as Kerry will.

Kerry was not the wrong pick. He ran a very honorable campaign with a graceful attitude and was a very mild-mannered person. He's about as moderate of a liberal you will find. He's moderate in that he supports free trade with revisions, he supports low but responsible taxes, and he also has a liberal base by being pro-environment and anti-war until its absolutely necessary.

Kerry is a true blue Democrat and it pains me to see you guys dis him in any way.

The truth is that this country is harshly conservative and the only way a Democrat will get elected is if they pander to Christian conservatives and lie their way into office.

I'd rather Kerry lose and run on a solid Democratic platform then to have run on a platform I didn't believe in.

I'm proud of my vote for Kerry. It saddens me deeply that he lost, and a part of my beliefs have died with this election. This nation has plunged into a conservative mandate which Bush is going to take advantage of, as he's already pointed out.

You guys can make excuses all you want. Kerry didn't run a bad campaign. He ran a campaign oriented toward a clear alternative to Bush that was very moderate and respectful in message. He did the best the Democrats could do in 2004.

He lost because American voters are overly evangelical Christian and put moral values as the biggest single interest of this election. I place the blame of Bush winning in the hands of the people: they elected him. Its also because Bush ran a hard campaign to fight against. Bush divided and conquered the nation based on gay marriage and abortion. Without the evangelical Christian vote, and Bush's scaring them into the voting booth, he would not be president.

And I feel sad because of that. I feel less American today then I did before, as I was confident Kerry would win.

So that's it. I'm not going to say much more.

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Barack Obama would make a good candidate but the question is do the same people who voted for Bush as an anti gay marriage vote have a problem with an African-American president? Racism is still wide spread in this country. Many would try to come up with excuses saying that he would only care about African-American issues as a reason to not vote for him. Ironically, the leader of the United Nations is of African descent. Hillary Clinton is seen as too liberal for the conservative Christians that re-elected Bush. I believe Hillary would follow Kerry's fate. Also like Obama, is the nation ready for a female president? especially during a time of war? I wish we lived in a nation where sex and ethnic background didnt matter in a presidential candidate but it does. Its seem that some nations are already ahead of the times. The president of the Philippines is a woman. As for the U.S., this only leaves John Edwards as the likely choice for 2008. The nation is already familiar with him and hes an anglo saxon male.

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Edwards should have been the nominee this time.  They held him back so that Kerry would not look so bad.  Bad move.


That I will agree with. i was not impressed with Kerry but Edwards seems to be a better public speaker and sticks to his policies. I would definitely vote for Edwards.

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