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Best Mall in the Upstate


What is your favorite mall in the Upstate?  

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  1. 1. What is your favorite mall in the Upstate?

    • Anderson Mall
    • Haywood Mall
    • Greenville Mall
    • Westgate Mall
    • Prime Outlets of Gaffney

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I don't like going to the malls for the same reason I don't like going to WalMart, DMV, etc...the moment I walk in, I feel my IQ plummet. Not that I'm saying that everyone is stupid in the mall, but that to me, it represents something that I don't like; Suburban sprawl, dumb white kids in mommy's SUV and can't even see over the wheel let alone drive the damn thing.

I try to stick with mom n pop types of stores. Tends to be faster, easier, more personable and friendlier if you ask me. That, and if I really need a new pair of Dr Martens, I can go down to Barefoot Comfort, or get them online. If I want a new CD, I'll go to Horizon. I just like not having to piss over a damn parking space, like I do at Haywood. And yes, its been 4 years since I've been there. Don't miss a damn thing.

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Haywood for me! I prefer malls that have more than 1 level. Although Westgate is nice also.


I like multi level malls too, but I find Haywood Mall hard to navigate. I can't ever seem to find a way to whatever floor I'm not on when I need to.
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Folks, if there is any question in someone's mind about which upstate mall is the best, I'm really quite surprised. :P I've been to all of them more than once, and while Westgate does have a nice 3-story atrium/court, the rest is nothing you won't find at Anderson or Greenville (malls). In this region of the Carolinas Haywood Mall reigns supreme, with over 11 million visitors each year and 1.256 million-square-feet of shopping delight. 2005 brings the silver anniversary of the mall, and with it comes plans for some major cosmetic renovations to both the inside and out. If you haven't already heard about these improvements, visit greenvilleonline.com and look under the Business menu for the "Silver Anniversary" story.

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Is MacAlister Square mall still a mall? I know there are shops still on the outside part but what about the inside? Isnt there a C-College there now or something? Well, we also forgot Greenwood Mall, if you consider that Upstate (which most would). Its not much but hell, neither is Anderson Mall.

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True, socaguy. :lol: You know, I don't think many people from the GSA metro area make it down to Greenwood mall. I used to have a pretty fair amount of business down there, but I don't recall ever stopping to check it out. Must not have impressed me very much. :P

You brought up a very interesting point though; is there anything which could be done to make a stronger connection between the I-85/I-385 corridor cities and the decently sized city of Greenwood?

McAlister Square is not a normal shopping mall as it once was, however it is still open to the public and has a few interesting stores. Mostly it is occupied by Greenville Tech and the University Center. The University Center is a really great way for students in the Greenville metro area to actually attend college at several other statewide colleges/universities through satalite and live instructors. There are some interesting job and book fairs there around the year. :)

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Yes Greenwood has a mall! It used to be called Crosscreek Mall. They changed the name last year when a new company bought it. It is pretty small. I think square footage is around 315,000. Greenwood is where I am originally from, and I feel it should be more connected with the Greenville/Spartanburg/Anderson area as most Greenwoodians travel here to shop and some to work.

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