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Biodiesel fuel attracts loyal following in Islands

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Biodiesel fuel attracts loyal following in Islands

Some folks who use biodiesel for automobile fuel say the tailpipe emissions smell like french fries, but Maui musician Liam Ball said that's not quite the aroma he gets.


"It does kind of smell like barbecuing," he said.

Ball bought his 1982 Mercedes 300D on e-Bay, and is so committed to the fuel that when his car arrived, he wasted no time.

"I drove it right off the boat and to Pacific Biodiesel and filled it up," he said.

Biodiesel, a fuel made from vegetable oil, is the latest thing in fuels

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^Yeah that would be something and only a matter of time! Of course for now only the rich people can afford something like that haha well atleast store it at home in bulk like Woody Harrelson & Neil Young! :D Could you imagine though? Producing your own fuel shoot...

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