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Final Version of Lakeshore Development Plan


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City Unveils Final Version Of Lakeshore Development Plan

Project Will Transform Shoreway, Redevelop Burke Airport

The city of Cleveland unveiled Monday its final version of the lakefront development plan, which would transform the land along Lake Erie

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about Burke Airport I remember that Cleveland was toying with the idea of having a brand new International Airport out in Lake Eire back about 20 years ago, but Dennis the Menance (Kucinich sp) and the budget problems as well as new mayor Voinovich's fiscal hard line nixed the project, would have been similar to the new Hong Kong Airport or the Kansai Terminal in Japan its own man made island in the middle of Lake Eire with a great view of downtown Cleveland. Just brought back some memories I guess lol. But thats a great project to restore the lakeshore, something Cleveland really has going for it kinda like Chicago East.

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