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Group wants culinary school at Burns Library

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Group wants to develop culinary school at Burns library

The Haydon Burns Library is being discussed as the site for a culinary school.

by J. Brooks Terry

Staff Writer

Books and magazines may be replaced by spice racks and novice chefs at the Haydon Burns Library. Discussions are in the early stages, but a local group has expressed strong interest in converting the soon-to-be-vacated structure into a downtown cooking school.

Those efforts are being led by Springfield business owner Stephen Dare and Florida Community College at Jacksonville Downtown Campus president Dr. Edythe M. Abdullah.

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I have mixed emotions. It would be nice to have a culinary school downtown. Any kind of school is welcome, IMO. But I can't stand that building. If they have to keep that ugly piece o' crap standing, at least tear up the brick wall that faces Forsyth and add retail. Perhaps a nice restaurant to tie-in with the school. But if I could have it my way, I'd get rid of it!

And they're talking about the "P" Word again. They really need to build a NICE parking stucture in that area. I'm afraid the lack of parking might deter any future development.

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