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Hudson Hotel


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I used to live in the city, I don't know much about the hotels, and don't know anything about this one either.

However, it appears to be just off Columbus Circle which is a great area. The night before the parade you should go out late to see them blowing up the balloons along the edge of Central Park (Central Park West I think is where they do it, just north of Columbus Circle). I actually never bothered to go to the parade when I lived there. I really don't like those massive tourist events.

The Upper West Side is a great neighbourhood. Walk uptown on Broadway from Columbus Circle. Good places to eat and shopping.

The hotel is really a simple walk to most things a visitor would want to check out in Midtown. Central Park, Times Square, shopping on Fifth and Madison. The Empire State Building is a bit of a hike, but there's so much to see along the way.

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Have fun!

I'm actually driving to New York for the day on Sunday. I must be some sort of head case (oh wait, I was the one who said don't buy the theatre tickets for Thanksgiving weekend!). It's supposed to be a horrid mix of rain and snow and dogs and cats that day, and it's the second busiest travelling day of the year. I think I'm going to really get to know the Merritt Parkway this weekend. :rolleyes:

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