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Downtown Jacksonville & Springfield


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I went out and took a couple of pics around downtown about two weeks ago. Some include the Lerner Shops Building, Riverwalk extension, The Strand construction site & the Holmes Block. Click on the link to check out the thread.


BTW, here are some pics extra pictures of Springfield, I took a couple of days ago.







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There is so much potential for Springfield. I really have faith in this community, and slowly, it's starting to pick up. I'd like to see some kind of transit line running down Main Street, to help tie-in the area with downtown. Also, more historic lighting and wide brick sidewalks would help. And you know, while they're at it, put banners on the historic light poles. It's odd, but for some reason, you get a sense of "place" and unity when you have attractive banners that say "Welcome to Springfield" or "Historic Springfield".

Anyways, great pics!

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Some good pics there.You were right around the corner from me in some of those.

While there is great potential here,there is still that stigma of my area that seems to hold back residential & business investors at the pace that I would like to see change.Hopefully with the Eight St. corridor being reworked and then maybe the finishing of the Main St. corridor,we'll see more things happen.

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