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PHOTOS! Cincinnati Neighborhoods: Hartwell

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The Cincinnati neighborhood of Hartwell lies in the northern part of the city limits and was annexed in 1912. Once a rural area full of larger homes, it became increasingly urban after the turn of the century and eventually became more middle-income.

These areas are rarely seen except by local folks who like to explore.

Visit my web page: CINCINNATI TOURS: The Neighborhood of Hartwell. On it you will find nearly 100 photos, a map, aerials, demographics and a short history of Hartwell, as well as explanations and locations of each photo.

If you use a 56K dialup, please be aware. Maybe open up a new page and try the link and then come back to it later.

I also appreciate comments. You may reach me through PM (they are always welcome-good or bad), or through this thread. I like feedback and WILL take the time to reply.

In the meantime, here are some photos from the Tour to give you some insight into the area. Hopefully it will inspire you to check out my page, and then maybe to make a road trip.

The Hartwell map-yellow-shaded areas are unincorporated areas of Springfield Twp. which I included in this tour.


Hartwell United Methodist Church (1875) on the village green





Trinity Baptist Church (1897), built in the English Gothic style





Blight remains in small areas-this is the poster boy for eminent domain






The Drake Center-a rehabilitation hospital


Bridgeway Pointe-assisted living next to the Drake Center





Eat picnic, kill brain cells







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Wow..I guess my definition of "seen better days" differs from your definition. I only see a few that are hideous, and I only included them to give some balance. Most are just modest middle-class homes that are decently kept up. I know people who define that as "blight"! As a product and a current citizen of the lower-middle-class, I guess my threshhold is different.

Yes, Hartwell is a renovators dream. It seemed that one out of every 8 or 10 houses had some kind of work being done on it. These older houses are cheaper and have character. It's good to see good housing in the city--period.

You're right--that is a pretty good looking house. Much better than I ever lived in. And get this--it's inside of the city limits, near transportation, and has a YARD! :)

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Great pics. I always enjoy neighboorhood tours. Thanks for posting these.

You're welcome. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Most of the fun for me is seeing new places and then doing the research to figure out some of the stories behind the things I've seen. The web site is a lot of work, but it's fun work.

BTW...did anyone look at the web site, or just the pictures from the thread? Just asking--though I love putting the page together, I'd like others to see it and tell me their likes and dislikes.

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I didn't finish reading the whole thing, but your webpage seems very informative. My only suggestion is splitting it up into multiple pages. It'll make it easier to read and it'll load a lot more quickly. Took me quite some time with an .EDU line.

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