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Night falls over the Straights of Detroit


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I decided to head out tonight to take some shots of the skyline. I intended to go to Canada. Once I saw the two lanes of Jefferson backed up because of the rush hour tunnel traffic I decided against that. Clueless as to where the other good skyline views are, I went to Belle Isle by default. It was only 36 degrees, and I was standing out there for more than an hour. Brrr!!!
















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Thanks. Whenever there is a good sunset around here I am never prepared for it. Last week there was one of the best sunsets I've ever seen, and the view of Michigan Central Station looked like something you'd see on a postcard. However, the batteries on my camera were dead, and I didn't have my tripod. :(

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Great Job!  Does anyone agree that the Ren-Cen looks much better with the GM sign on it?


The Ren Cen does looks better with the GM logo on it. I also miss the old sign that was on top of the old headquarters though.

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That one is my favorite. Superb shots Allan.


Thanks. That one was actually the background on my desktop until I changed it to the 8th photo from the top just the other day. I just couldn't decide which ones I liked best!

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