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New Signature Tower Rendering


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This article in today's CityPaper makes it sound as though the final drawings could be very, very different from this...or maybe not. I'll be at the Hermitage Hotel public presentation and at the Civic Design Center meetings tomorrow downtown, so I'll do what I can to post the new drawings.

Here's the article:

Center to discuss future skyscraper design

By William Williams, [email protected]

November 17, 2004

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This building is HORRIBLE. A native Nashvillian, I've lived in NYC for the past 15 years and think nothing beats an urban lifestyle. I'm proud of Nashville, and I'm very happy that Nashville's downtown is finally seeing residential construction.

It's great that Nashville may indeed be ready for a project of this scale... The Signature Tower will obviously have a major impact on the city skyline for many years to come, and therefore, it is important that the tower be architecturally interesting and worthy of its landmark status. The sketches presented show seem to be merely a copy of some other unimaginative, overly-designed projects! The design is very cluttered and lacks any type elegance. For inspiration, try Richard Meier's Perry Street towers in New York (beautiful recent additions to NY's skyline) or the classic simplicity of the Lever House and Seagram's building. Even the gigantic Trump World Tower is not as bad as one might think, and is actually graceful considering its size. Yes, I'm a minimalist and i happen to feel strongly that the best statement is made with a simple design. So please, rethink the Signature Tower before it is too late, and strive to build a tower that will be the envy of the South, not just another clumsy copy!!

PS* Thanks to those of you posting information on recent developments, and I wish you much luck in building a successful new downtown.

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Its not the most impressive design, for a 700 footer, that's for sure.  BTW, has there been any recent news about this tower?


Beggars can't be choosers, and Franklin has been sucking the life out of downtown for a decade. However, my brother in law tells me that there are eight buildings planned for the downtown area. Otherwise, I don't know much about Nashvegas. Though, it's a nice place.

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I want to clarify before some thin-skinned booster of Nashville takes offense (as seems to happen in other threads). I DO like Nashville (very much!). My wife's stepbrother is a developer there. So my family and I go there often (more often than their hometown, Atlanta). What little bit I know about Nashville has been gleaned from frequent visits, but it is one of the larger cities that I would consider living in if I had to live in a more crowded area. It seems to have a great "vibe" about it.

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Beggars can't be choosers, and Franklin has been sucking the life out of downtown for a decade.  However, my brother in law tells me that there are eight buildings planned for the downtown area.  Otherwise, I don't know much about Nashvegas.  Though, it's a nice place.


To be clear, only two are skyscrapers, and only one is being actually constructed. A city like Nashville has many proposals that will never make it, so its unsure what is to actually be built.

My guesses are that after Viridian, Signature will eventually be built. But I doubt it will open until 2009 or 2010. West End Summit is likely as well, but they've still not officially broken ground.

As far as this new 22 story apartment proposal at 21st and Chet Atkins - its most likely not going to happen. NIMBY groups have brought every single proposal down since its inception.

Other then these 3-4 projects, nothing of highrise style will be built in this city for some time to come. And since 2 of these buildings are proposed outside downtown, its not helping to promote a more urban style, its more haphazard.

So far as the design goes, I do care about what Signature looks like. And admittedly the current design is far from particularly impressive. It would be more appropriate as a secondary building in a city like Chicago then a "signature" building for a smaller city like Nashville. Chicago has its Sears Tower which is timeless, New York had its WTC and of course the ESB. Both had qualities of their generations, were best in their time. In order for Signature to stand out, it'd be nice if it was to premiere the best in post-modern architecture. Not some "me too" building just to say we built one.

What we do have in the works is a nice change from no construction at all! :)

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