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New Brunswick New Jersey Renaissance


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Being a new member here, a college student, and an urban planning major, I thought I'd chime you in New Brunswick, New Jersey. I grew up in a moderately sized town (45,000) next to New Brunswick and thought you'd be interested in reading about the revival of New Brunswick.

It all began when Johnson and Johnson decided to move its headquarters downtown, sparking massive development. Partnering with Rutgers (whose main campus is situated in New Brunswick), Johnson and Johnson decided to help revive the region - first building the Hyatt Regency Hotel. Devco was also formed (www.Devco.org) and since then it has overseen more than 1.6 billion dollars in development. That number is growing with Rutgers increased presence downtown. New Brunswick is also home to the country's largest medical school, UMDNJ. Bristol Myer Squibb just helped finance a childrens hospital at the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital.

The geography department at Rutgers has a great website showing pictures before and after some of the projects. That can be found here:


www.newbrunswick.com is also a great resource. Pictures of the skyline and street scenes can be found on all the sites.

The revitalization of New Brunswick is one of the main reasons that I am an urban planning major today. I am fascinated by the success of the project.

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Sometime soon, i will post pics of New Brunswick since i am very close to the city! Preferrably in the spring with the trees blooming again. :D

In the meantime, check out Middlesex County on my links below. Must be a myspace member to see the pics but i will let in a few sneak peaks from the photo album of what is to come.

New Pic

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Here are some pics I took on a walk from my town (Highland Park) to New Brunswick back in June. It was a beautiful day. I focused the photos on pedestrian conditions and accessibility into NB. Please enjoy!

This is the Main Street (Raritan Avenue) corridor of Highland Park.



Raritan Ave takes you across the Raritan River into NB via this bridge.


On the NB side of the bridge are ramps to and from the Route 18 Expressway. Pedestrians frequently gamble with their lives making this crossing. This man walking back to Highland Park will be playing chicken with an exiting vehicle in just a moment.


The park-like campus of Johnson & Johnson seems a misfit in Downtown NB, but the shade and wide sidewalk are welcome.


From the J&J walk you can see the One Spring Street condo under construction. It is much more close to being finished now.


Turning left on to George Street we are in the heart of Downtown New Brunswick's commercial district.



New Brunswick's developing theater district. New Jersey State Theater and George Street Playhouse are pictured.


A new Rutgers dorm and HUGE MONSTROUS (not to mention ugly) PARKING DECK!


Now we have arrived at my destination--school!


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Unlike the other photos of the metro areas down south, for once i know where ALL OF THESE places are instead of some! :D

Jerz, I will get some pics of Heldrich Plaza under construction soon. Do you know how tall it will be? I've heard anywhere from 8-12 stories. It has 9 so far.

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Pics of the Heldrich Center under construction at New/George/Livingston Ave




Rockoff Hall dorm, completed in 2005


View from the top of Rockoff Hall toward the Heldrich Center


View from the top of Rockoff Hall toward Highland Park. I can see my apartment building!













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Great photos!

The New Street exit will be closed for a year due to the massive reconstruction Route 18 project.

This is what New Street will look like once completed.

That's the first time I've seen an elevation of the new New St bridge. It looks a helluva lot better than the old one. It actually sorta looks like some of the bridges over the GSP in northern Middlesex & Union Counties.

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