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Winston-Salem Bicycle Plan


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This is one of my favorite forms of travel. I also like cities that focus on alternative transportation. Winston-Salem clearly wants residents to have several alternatives to get to work, go shopping or play. Winston-Salem is working on everything from bikes to streetcars to walking paths/strollways.

I once took my bike on a trip to Winston-Salem about 5 years ago. I thought I would see more from a bike than a car. I started behind Market Place Mall and ended at Corpening Plaza Watergardens and Park. Then I made the trip back. That was a great ride! I also tried the course at Salem Lake or Winston Lake? I remember it was a "lake" park. These days when I visit, I'm always looking for photo subjects and thinking about my camera. I would like to bike Winston-Salem again. Many streets had places on the pavement marked off that are great cyclists. Winston-Salem is also the only city in the Carolinas I know of, with a bike commuter center, with showers, accessories, lockers and everything you need. I'm excited that Winston-Salem and its citizens are working to expand bike transit options and become one of the top bicycle cities in the country. It's a great goal and one that will elevate the city in quality of life and air quality.

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