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What Makes Charlotte Cool?


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I thought this board might be a good location to attract some interest for an upcoming series of focus groups. The Charlotte City Committee, a group of volunteers focusing on making Charlotte the best place to live and work, is working with Next Generation Consulting to assess where Charlotte is headed, how Charlotte is marketed and what factors go into making Charlotte a great place to be. The committee's initiative, "Hot Jobs/Cool Communities", is based on the idea that members of the current and emerging workforce will place a higher priority on where they live (choosing a cool city), over their career choice. The Committee's goal in the focus group, simply stated, is to get feedback on: 1.) What makes Charlotte a place people would want to move to? And 2.) What's lacking in order to attract and retain the next generation of the workforce?

I've copied some additional information below. If you're interested in signing up (focus groups will be 12/1 and 12/2), or have questions, you can contact Kim Marks at [email protected]

If you aren't so inclined as to join the focus group and get your suggestions out there, I'd still be interested in seeing your feedback on the board. What do you think makes Charlotte cool and what would you like to see in the future? Ideas can be general (more parks, more things to do) or specific (we need an artificial ski slope incorporated in the new midtown development!). :P

Thanks for your ideas and input!

Good Eats/Cool Treats !!

The City Committee in conjunction with Rebecca Ryan's firm, Next Generation Consulting (www.nextgenerationconsulting.com), are conducting short, pain-free focus groups to identify the "cool factors" in the Charlotte area.

If you want to make an impact on where Charlotte is headed, how Charlotte is marketed and the quality of jobs here, then don't miss this opportunity to have a voice and make a difference. If all you want to do is "vent" about the way you wish things were in our community then please don't miss out.

Wed, December 1 from 8:00-9:30am (Includes breakfast)

Wed, December 1 from 11:30am-1:00pm (Includes lunch)

Thurs, December 2 from 8:00-9:30am (Includes breakfast)

Thurs, December 2 from 11:30am-1:00pm (Includes lunch)

Focus groups will be held at the Film Foundry Located at 1930 Camden Road, Suite 2070. Participation is limited

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I think the consensus among most people is that downtown Charlotte really needs a large central park in close proximity to downtown. It's a shame that a city the size of Charlotte doesn't have such a park downtown. Sure, we have The Green and Marshall Park, but has anyone really tried to ride a bike or do any real strolling through those "parks?" Take a hint from other cities like Atlanta, Chicago, Charleston, etc. A park large enough to allow bike riding, walking, running, etc. would add a lot of clout to downtown Charlotte. Freedom Park is just too far away, and even it lacks things that make an astounding memorable park.

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Well...I'm probably the only one who thinks about it here, and I don't know if you can call it "a park", but...When I went to Charlotte this summer, I really loved this huge cemetary just a few steps from Gateway Village, with a very good view of the skyline...Why anyone here talks about it? I really enjoyed the place, for me it was a great park to walk...

Now of course, a park near the new arena would be so nice...Or in those parking lots near the Carillon Tower...God, I should return to Charlotte within a few years!

And about Marshal Park...Personnaly I found it almost "ugly", there is no other word which comes to my mind! The Green is just "cute", because too small, but it's still a nice place.

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Yea, im gonan be taking some classes there enxt semester. I believe that all of central campus is going to be getting a makeover eventually, not sure when it is gonna take place though. I do love the big old oak trees there too. I wish Charlotte had more them. Sephard, tell us mroe about this greening initiative that you are talking about?

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