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Mayor receptive to satellite courthouses


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Screw the suburbanites, make them come downtown! I really don't care, as long as we get a quality building downtown. I just think that if they build a bunch of satellite courthouses, the alotted money would have to be spread around, reducing the quality of the building. They'd have to buy even more land, instead of building a tall downtown building.

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There will also likely be operational as well as redundant first costs associated with satellite courthouse facilities. Currently, the Clerk and Court Administration operate mainly out of the Downtown facility. Splitting these functions (and various departments) would likely require additional staffing.

Also, of the 43 courtrooms planned for the new Duval County Courthouse, only 8 did not require prisoner handling capability.

I am in favor of a central courthouse, with only satellite facilities if they make sense economically and could actually serve individual areas of town.

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I hope this idea does not fly.Why does the city make this so hard.The city should be looking at the #2 design firm,ask them can we build this for x amount of dollars and go with.That is why you have the competition process I thought.If #1 can't fullfill it's duties,#2 will take over.

Personally I would rather see something along the lines of the New Federal Courthouse.Taller,less ground area so to keep open streets and leave an area for the new Jail of the future.Jails should be in proximty of the courthouse(transpotation & security issues) and they don't have to look like a Jail from the outside.

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