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Here's another...

What word is given to a country where most of the people drive automobiles?

A "carnation"... GET IT!! Like the Flower!


Metro Atlanta?


Here's another teaser I'll answer later (in a few hours):

Pay careful attention. :)

"Spelled forward, I am heavy, but spelled backward, I am not"

Yours are tricky!!

I give up.

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When this Tallahassee forum was first created a started a thread to celebrate the fact that Tallahassee's own Scott Maddox had entered the race for governor, now it seems just months after that annoucement, my dreams of Tallahassee having a person in the Governor's mansion may not come tru after all... at least for now. There is still the possibility of a dark horse, or a Maddox L. Governor tap. Who knows. Or, maybe he will challenge for the Attorney General's seat again, seeing as how Crist is running for Governor. Whatever the case, best wishes to the best mayor Tallahassee has ever had!

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TallAmenities is back up... had other requests for it.

Here's a little joke my sister told me yesterday, I've heard it a million times, but it was funny hearing it from her.

"Horse walks into a bar, and the bartender says... why the long face!" :w00t::lol:

I don't think my sister knew what she was laughing at, but it had me cracking up! Whoo! Just thought I'd share that.

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Anyone hear anything about work ongoing at the R.A. Gray building?


I saw a crane today and initially thought it was for Plaza Tower site, but upon closer inspection, I found it was at the R.A. Gray building. They are doing something up there on the roof. I'm wondering whats so serious that they had to use a crane for. They better not be working on building lighting. If so I'd freak.

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I had the opportunity to visit the new Zaxby's on Tennessee Street today, and I must say, I was impressed with the level of service I recieved, and the amount of traffic they had considering this was their first day of business. This is good news considering Zaxby's is my favorite Fried Chicken joint.

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lets burn it down

((really joking... I burn grass not buildings))

It will be nice if FSU taking control of more of its students housing we can get rid of some of the crappies. I would love a highrise studio with a view... i would pay 400 for it. 400 a month is more than enough for people to make money. Impatient economics is bad economics.

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