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Nice job, Tallahassee! :yahoo:

Just for the record, I'm betting that about half of those must be TJ's :P

Whatever the case, congratulations!

See, TJ, I still post here!

However, it does stand as proof that you and I spend way too much time logged on here seeing as you not only made the 5000th post, but also were logged on long enough to realize it.

And now for something completely different, at my request, the admins have rased the maximum allowable smilies per post (m.a.s.p.p) from 3 smilies to 5 smilies per post (5 s.p.p). :)

I think i need to stop thinking for now....:silly::alc:

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You're a funny man Iron! Yeah, I actually am on a bit much, I've got to get it under control. Its a serious addiction to Urban Planet.

Don't you love that yahoo ( :yahoo: ) emoticon!? I do!

I should probably use it 4 more times but I don't want to wear it out.

Well, you're the one who yelled out "Iron" while you were in a Walmart with your girlfriend, if I remember correctly. :P

Indeed I do love that :yahoo: smilie. But my fave is the shades one :shades:

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Like it has been for nearly 180 years... yup.

Sad thing is, some people didn't and still don't want the downtown to change. I don't understand them. Typical southerners - resistant to change... fortunately there weren't enough of them to make a difference... its all about the new school of progressive people around here.

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