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Awesome News!!!!

Tallahassee makes top 50 hottest cities list for business expansion. This listing is by Business Relocation Magazine "Expansion Management". Another step in the right direction for Tallahassee!!! :thumbsup:


Article : http://www.expansionmanagement.com/smo/new...=18375&st=3

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I only saltwater fish. But back in rural Alabama growing up, I fresh water fished at least once a week if not more. But that was usually from Brim more than Bass.

Olebiker, I don't think you posted that fishing info. here, but your questions about Lake Munson did appear in today's Democrat. That's how I knew. Good job!

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I'm using the 2006 census estimates. Good guesses guys, but you are both just a little off. Philly is the 7th largest metro and DFW is the 8th. Next year they will swap positions and DFW will be 7th and Philly will be 8th. Those metros have abt 6.3 million while the one I am in has 7.2 million.

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Gerald Ensley seems to think We're dreaming to big for Tallahassee in his rant in Today's Paper

My response:

I'm not sure if Gerald Ensley just woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, or if he is simply frustrated with the progress being made on many fronts in this community. I seem to view things quite differently.

Years ago, this very same newspaper for which this writer works, complained about the "Crisis of Complacency" calling for people in this community to push for positive change that will reinvigorate the local economy, boost tourism, create jobs, and make Tallahassee, Florida a more vibrant and attractive place to live.

Years ago, many visionaries in this community called for us to challenge ourselves by passing law that would provide additional funding for municipal infrastructure and local school improvements... we did it, and we've got Blairstone, Capital Circle, Orange Avenue, and better equipped schools to show for it.

Years ago, an effort was pushed forward to revitalize Downtown Tallahassee -- height and building restrictions were relaxed, opening the door for developers to bring their proposals. We now have the Tennyson, Tallahassee Center, A new Hotel on Gaines, and the 24-story Plaza Tower now under construction to show for it. The Floridan block will soon be under development, and along with it, another hotel for downtown, as well as a 10 story office tower. Across Monroe a now abandoned building, will be redeveloped into a 5-6 story mid-rise office building breaking ground sometime very soon. Still other proposals are working yet much progress has been made.

Sure we lost AirTran, but who among us expected Sept 11? Can the writer pin-point a reason for us not being able to lure the "small aircraft manufacturer" to town? No. Piper notes several factors were at play, the greatest of which is that Tallahassee now faces stiffer competition in our push for greatness, and in doing so, we must "Step it up a Notch".

Look at this newspaper. It has been a running joke in this community for years (fish wrapper). Seems baby steps are being taken to improve IT. I for one am tired of settling for less. There are good models for news papers to learn from just as there are good models for Tallahassee as a mid-sized city to learn from. Just because the Tallahassee Democrat is taking its poor time to get its act together, doesn't mean the rest of the City has to.

Keep reaching for the stars Tallahassee -- you belong up there with them!

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My "sources" tell me that he posted to Tally.com either today or yesterday and that he visited UP Tally between 5pm and 6pm today. Maybe he's been out of town like I've been and posting/reading much less from afar or maybe he's just been busy w/work or his social life. :)

Things w/COT and such do tend to slow down a little on in July/August. I think that both the City and County Commissions skip a meeting (they call it vacation) during this time of year.

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