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^ Wow...quite interesting indeed for downtown Miami! Even though it might not be the right spot for a Wal-Mart to locate I thought it was quite arrogant of the Commission aide to make the statement he did:

And this, from a City Commission aide: ``Visualize a Wal-Mart customer in his pick-up truck, and family of four, driving past tuxedo-clad PAC center guests arriving simultaneously.''

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Tallahassee comes in 4th on the list as worst cities in America to find jobs.


(pdf link included in above page for complete listings)

Why do you think this is? Is it just the fact that the massive amounts of state employees here are holding on to their jobs as opposed to constantly changing positions as they did in the past? Is it the fact that COT and Leon County leaders (read Bill Proctor) refuse to bring more industry/business to this town that so goes the state goes Tallahassee's employment opportunities? Discuss.

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