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KC Still in it's large housing boom...


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KC is still well in it's downtown housing boom...

With the recent ideas of a Truman Boulevard and an East Loop Housing Project, KC could be well on it's way to becoming a major downtown player.

Truman Boulevard would include a 1,000 room hotel and many housing units...

The East Loop Housing Project (I call it Quality Hill 2) could include over 1,000 residential units...

Truman Blvd. Wouldn't be completed till after the census, but that doesn't stop residents from moving in ;)

If KC pushes over 10,000 residential units proposed/built/under construction before 2010 and gets them built, that'd be a gain of almost 30,000 people downtown in a 10 year period...

If we completed all of our projects right now that are proposed, we would have almost, if not over, 30,000 people living downtown.

And our residential boom shows no signs of slowing down, rather it is showing signs of increasing...

Over 800 units have been under construction just this year alone... With over 2,000 units newly proposed. Since last Nov. 3,500-4,000 units have been proposed for downtown.

Downtown's average occupancy is 2.1 people per unit, however I use a minimum of 1.5 just to be safe (1 person plus a couple in every other unit).

In Jan. 2004 KC was at 15,100 people per unit, by Jan. 2005 we should be well over 16,000 people.

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