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DDA to focus on retail corridors


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its good to see the city finally accept the fact that theywill need to attract more retail downtown to truly make it work. i have always believed that the most people like going downtown to visit, if there was somewhere to visit. and as for the possibility of living downtown, you need the infrastructure... the groceries, restaurants, cafes and coffeeshops that are willing to stay open at night. without these things, we are just living a fantasy about downtown revitalization.

all applaud Jay Jabour!!!


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Main St will look nice, slowly but surely. Between Church and Monroe you have the Library Garage and Library, with a park across from the library. (however I think the garage retail will be on Church St. Down South, you have 11E's ground level retail (if they ever find a tenant), with Eddie Farah's building (he will eventually move). Finally, at Bay, you have the Dyal-Upchurch Building.

One day...

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