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Historic Streetscenes I: Forsyth Street


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Over the next couple of weeks, I plan to post historical photographs of street scenes and events around Jacksonville: For week one, I'll focus on Forsyth Street. Known as "The Great White Way", during downtown's heydays, Forsyth Street was the center of activity in downtown. Unfortunately, many of the buildings in the following photographs don't exist anymore. Hopefully, as more and more people re-invest in downtown, we can once again develop a lively urban atmosphere like what we once had.

looking east along Forsyth, towards Hogan St in 1914


looking west towards Main Street in 1914


Forsyth Street in 1940


corner of Forsyth and Laura Streets in 1949


post card of Forysth Street


* - The Palace and Imperial Theaters were torn down for the parking garage just south of 11 East and the Library. BTW, this area once had over 12 theaters. Today, only the Florida Theater remains.

Palace Theater


Imperial Theater


City Hall (present site of the Haydon Burns Library)


Post Offfice Building on the NE corner of Forsyth & Hogan Streets


demolition of the Post Office Building in 1950


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Great photos. You know you can go to the Library of Congress and actually download high res tiff's of all sorts of panorama's of Jacksonville that date back to the late 1800's and early 1900's. I have included the link below. You can also search by city name and state if you are interested in other cities. I suggest checking out New York and Chicago. There are Some pretty phenomenal pan's of New york from 1912.



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Great Pics Lakelander, thanks for sharing.  I had never seen an image of the Old Post Office before.  What a shame that it didn't survive.  I look forward to seeing the next tread.  Where did you find these BTW?

P.S. Check your messages, thanks.


These pics come from the Florida Photographic Archives. Here's a link.


BTW, thanks for the link Merlin, I never knew about that one.

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