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Future Projects in Charlotte


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[i editted the latest CPG aerial to show all the projects below, can anyone tell me how to post an image on this forum?]

Click on each project name to see the associated website or news article:

1 Trolley Barn

2 South Light Rail

3 615 East Morehead

4 Irwin Creek Greenway

5 Trade Street Streetcar

6 Multimodal Station

7 Third Ward Park

8 5 Wachovia

9 Davidson Street Extension

10 Metro School

11 Independence-Kenilworth Intersection

12 Little Sugar Creek Greenway

13 Target - Home Depot

14 Midtown Square Condo and Shops

15 Grubb Elizabeth Ave Development

16 CPCC Academic Center

17 Meck Courthouse Parking Deck

18 Meck Courthouse

19 The Park Condos

20 Trademark Condos

21 City View Towers Student Apts.

22 CVS Pharmacy

23 Novare Church St. Condos

24 NBA Bobcats Arena

25 Trammel Crow Caldwell St. Offices

26 Courtside Condos

27 Court6 Condos

28 Renwick Condos and Apartments

29 Drakeford 8th St. Townhouses

30 M Street Condos

31 Piedmont Court Hope IV Redev.

32 Alpha Cotton Mill Apartments

33 Brevard Street Widening

34 First Ward Park and Parking Deck

35 Imaginon Children's Theatre/Library

36 Graham Street Condos

37 Fourth Ward Greenway

38 North Commuter Rail

39 I-77 HOV Lane

40 230 S. Tryon St. Condos

41 Hampton Inn Clock Tower

42 North East Light Rail

43 Millenium Square

44 Trade Street Federal Courthouse

45 Johnson & Wales Business School

46 Queens University Law School

47 Westin Condos/Offices

48 Cornerstone 300 S. Tryon Offices

49 Amtrak High Speed Rail

50 Opt12 Condos

51 Bechtler Art Museum

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- Novare Condo project is 35 stories

- 5 Wachovia is 34 stories

- Cornerstone 300 S Tryon is 28 stories

- Trademark is rumored to be 28 stories

- The Park is 22 stories

- 615 E Morehead is rumored to be 20 stories

- Courtside is 17 stories

- Midtown Square Condos is expected to be around 15 stories

- Trammel Crow's Offices on the Arena block could be as high as 15 stories

- Mecklenburg County Courthouse is 11 stories

- The Westin's sister Condo/Office building is expected to be at least 11 stories

- City View Towers is 8 stories

- NBA Bobcats Arena is ~8 stories

Most of these projects are medium to low in height, but will all make a major impact on Charlotte's skyline to help fill in the empty lots and alleviate the feeling that Charlotte's skyline is only a single street with the rest of downtown being dead lots.

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Wow, there could be 9 knew highrises/skysrapers built within the next few years. That is pretty impressive if you ask me!


When i started to compile the list, i was absolutely amazed at how many projects there are, especially those > 10 stories. You should see them consolidated on a map... (hopefully i can post it soon enough).

I know some of these are less likely to occur, like Cornerstone and the Westin's Sister tower, but it will be amazing to see all these projects come to fruition with 5-10 other projects that haven't been announced yet.

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