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Columbia Bus Depot Reuse


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Old bus depot to get face-lift

Plastic surgeon will spend $500,000 to convert former Greyhound site into his office


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A plastic surgeon has bought the old Greyhound bus station on Blanding Street and will spend $500,000 shaping it into his office.

Dr. Richard J. Wassermann hopes the renovations will be as uplifting to the building as his work is to patients.

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Man... this guy is probably pretty cool -- it seems like he has an interest in making downtown a better place -- but it's such a shame for an awesome deco building like that to become something like a plastic surgeon's office. It would've been cool to make it into something that everyone could enjoy. I guess I'll know where to go for that eye lift though.... :D

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Man time flies..I thought Lexington State Bank was still there. There did used to be a restaraunt in there... a hot dog stand. I grew up in First Baptist and we'd always either go to the newstand, or one of the bus stations to get a hot dog and fries....when we shoulda been in church. The trailways station used to be at the corner of Washington and Sumter so we had our pick of places to play hooky.

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