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Planned from the beggining


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Unfortunatelly, with no much knowledge about it, I would like to know how many cities have been planned and designed before being constucted. By that I mean, planned as actual cities, not towns or communities. I know that Brazil's capital is one case, as well as San Petersburg in Russia. Yet, if anyone can help me there...please do :ph34r:

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Canberra, capital of Australia.

Initially planned in 1912 (up until then the region had been sheep paddocks), as a city of around 100,000.

The population is now 300,000, and several satellite towns have been added since the 1960s (seperated from the original planned area by hilly nature reserves). These satellite towns, as well as the overall "shape" of the metropolitan areas, are also highly planned compared to other Australian cities.

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Detroit was planned after the fire of 1806 that destroyed the entire city. The plan consisted of radial streets and circles, much like the plan of Washington, D.C. However, the survey instruments they used were really inaccurate, and the plan quickly became too costly and complicated to implement.

1806 Plan


Plan as Built


1930s Downtown


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I heard that Brasilia was pretty much a flop. The designer's got too carried away with thier sybolism and forgot about practicality.

South Korea decided this year that it was going to build a new capital, so be on thelook out for info on that one. It won't be built for a while though.

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