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Pics from atop the Book-Cadillac Hotel

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I stumbled across these today & thought I should post them here.


Looking north from the Book-Cadillac. The park in the center is Capitol Park, where Michigan's first state capitol building was located.



The V-shaped building is the Lafayette Building. It is currently vacant & its future is uncertain.



The large brick building near the center of the pic is the Fort Shelby Hotel. It is currently vacant, but it is likely that it will be converted into apartments & a hotel.


The new Federal Building & The Michigan Bell Building.


Looking North from the roof of the Book-Cadillac


Looking to Campus Martius

Pics from http://detroityes.com/

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Detroit actually has the second largest concentration of historic skyscrapers outside of New York. At least it did before they started mindlessly tearing down historic buildings.

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