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What can WE do?


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Does anyone know or have ideas what we, the average citizens (or even better, organized via a site like this into a group of impact citizens) can do to promote downtown's development? This is something I am passionate about and would be willing to devote a good amount of time to.

Looking for a brainstorming session here.

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Th first thing that comes to mind is to be as involved as you can be. What are the thoughts about approaching organizations like the AIA IIDA and the Graphic Arts Community to get group of local professional togather to either donate services or time to making sure Jacksonville's development continues and stays strong?

Just a thought-

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The best way to get involved in downtown is to actually spend your time there. Invest in the local businesses there as opposed to the burbs. Be one of the pioneers. And if you have the means, move into one of the condos. Also, go to downtown advisory board meetings and express your opinions about urban development. There is always 10 people at those meetings against an urban, dense project, and hardly any representing it.

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The best way to get involved in downtown is to actually spend your time there.

I agree! Additionally, there are several organizations for those that want to become more involved and invest time in downtown.

Downtown Vision, Inc. is a not for profit organization that promotes downtown and has created a vision for downtown in the year 2010. They also provide a newsletter and e-mail updates of events occurring downtown.

website is downtownjacksonville.org

Jacksonville Community Council, Inc. is an civic organization that is considered a citizen "think tank" that provides studies, forums, and open dialogues related to multiple issues facing the community as a whole.

website is JCCI.org

probably not telling you anything you already do not know about.... I'm fairly new to this forum....

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