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Miami's Future Tallest?!


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I just found this new rendering of One Miami-Two project which is the first that I've seen that includes the 72 floor tower along with the 39 st. and 42 st. towers. A new forumer over at SSP noted that he saw the project in a local business journal, but he couldnt scan and post it, so they've been pretty frantic trying to find it over there... So anyone who still has allegience over there feel free to post this URL in the Miami thread... I'm still awaiting confirmation to post, lord knows how long that will take...

Heres the URL: (the rendering is one the 2nd page)


It's not quite as inspiring as I'd hoped when I heard the announcement of a new 72 st tower, but it's still a new tallest so I won't complain... I'd kinda hoped it would be an office or mixed use tower as all of the new residential development is sort of repetitive, but the strange crown kind of gives it a unique look... As the article says, the project includes 1500 residential-units, a movie theater/entertainment complex, and a 12 st parking garage in 5 free-standing structures...

Also something new to me in the article that I don't remember seeing anywhere else is the inclusion of the 32 st residential portion of the Mary Brickell Project...

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