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Dubai Business Bay

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Emirates airlines plans to launch its own hotel chain and is thinking about developing the so called 70 storey park twin towers project in Business Bay.

Emirates has unveiled ambitious plans to establish itself as a hotel brand capable of going head to head with international chains. The airline, which already manages the Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa and owns Le Meridien Al Aqah in Fujairah, has announced its entry into the serviced apartments sector, with the Emirates Marina Serviced Apartments & Spa scheduled to open in September 2006. A second serviced apartments and hotel venture at Dubai

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Wow! These are simply sensational designs to look at. Where do most of the designers come from? Why con't the U.S.A. build these types of highrises?

Because the UAE has opened to foreign investment in the past 10+ years. The US has been open to foreign markets quite a bit longer. Plus, Dubai is the center of trade for the Mid-East, serving as a great port city in the Persian Gulf. Not to mention it's in the dead center of the Mid East, and a great Mid point between Asian and Europe. Also, Dubai has just began to bank on tourism, so a lot of these tower developments are residential. Dubai is the only "big city" in the UAE, while the US has several large cities like Houston, Dallas, New York, Atlanta, San Francisco, LA, Seattle, Minneapolis, Chicago, etc.

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Well, population growth is very high but still, there will be an oversupply in a few years. The city grows by about 100,000 a year or maybe even more. They just did a census so details might be out soon.

Most people there are expatriates though so they come in from all over the world. Over there they're trying their hardest to attract businesses, etc. which creates jobs and so on

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