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Do You Drive a Chick Car?


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Chevy Aveo, so yes I suppose you could say I drive a chick car. But then I do share it with my "chick" aka my wife. :) And living downtown I would never want anything larger because I can actually park when I do drive. I can even pull into parallel spots front first... so nice. :)

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I dont drive a BMW Mini Cooper but I do drive that other little BMW hatchback. BMW 318ti. Im sure you see those every now and then. Its the beemer that looks like its tail has been chopped off. Ive heard my car is a babe magnet and even has a cult like following. Mine is a 1995 model and they are not importing them in the states any more so I think it will be worth something down the road because not many people in the U.S. drove them to begin with.

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I would drive a Beetle or a Mini. But I probably won't.

Volvo (I think) is supposedly designing a car specifically for women, with a group a female designers.


I have seen the concept car that those women designed for Volvo. It is actually quite cool and has several neat practical functions that you won't see on any car any time soon.

I drive a little Honda Civic hatchback.

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