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If the southern cities were chain restaraunts...

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Well let me start off saying that this should be sort of fun... actually.

I'll make the first exchange of ideas.

Little Rock: Burger King (Don't make fun of Burger King)

Jackson: McDonalds (this is making fun of how cheap Jackson is)

Oklahoma City: Applebees (this is noting how OKC has a small/football oriented town feel)

Houston: Olive Garden (this is noting how Houston is IMO an extremely nice city)

Dallas: Chucky Cheeses (this is making fun of how garish Dallas restaraunts are)

New Orleans: Anywhere that serves draft beeeeeer

San Antonio: Taco Bell (making fun of how San Antonio has a cheap ass Mexican feel)

Corpus Christi: IHOP (this is making fun of how Corpus has a lot of boring, retired people)

El Paso: Taco Bueno (noting that El Paso is a little bit nicer than San Antone, but still crappy and cheap)

If you think you have some of differant, or the same cities, please post them. Of coarse compliments on my sense of humor are also as welcome as ever!


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