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Houston: White(ish) Christmas


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Miguel Angel Diaz ,10, tries to catch a snow flake or two with his tongue as snow falls downtown Houston on Friday morning.


Manjit Gerba, 19, proudly displays her first snowman made from the dusting on hoods of cars and from tarps covering plants.


Deepak Gautam, 10, shows off his first snowball.


Deepak Gautam gathers snow from a car hood.


Jill Akerland laughs as snow falls outside the shop where she works in the Heights.


Ray Reed and Claire Barcus enjoy the snow in the Rice Village shopping center.


Paige Turner, 15, a native Houstonian steps outside Barnaby's, a Montrose area restuarant,to marvel andcatch snow on her tongue, a classic snow fall activity.

Dec. 24, 2004, 11:56PM

White(ish) Christmas

Not many flakes actually stick to the ground, but a rare display


Copyright 2004 Houston Chronicle

Off-and-on snow flurries blanketed the Houston area Friday, making it the closest the city has ever come to a white Christmas.

The snow and cold helped stoke the Christmas spirit as children and adults alike rushed outdoors to witness the rare display of a winter wonderland in southern Texas.

Not many flakes actually stuck to the ground, but there was an accumulations on car tops, roofs and other surfaces. The Tom Horan family scraped enough together to craft an 8-inch snowman in their front yard behind the River Oaks Shopping Center.

The tiny snowman dubbed Frosty had twigs for arms, a piece of carrot for a nose, bits of charcoal for eyes and a Santa Claus stocking cap.

"My kids and grandbabies have just made the world's smallest snowman," boasted Horan, who reveled in the falling snow with his wife, two sons, daughter and two grandchildren, ages 5 and nearly 1.

His wife, Jeani, who had grown up in Michigan, could hardly believe it when her husband walked into the house and told her it was snowing.


Measured snowfalls here since 1950:

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I grew up in Houston and I remeber those days when everything would close down because of a little snow and we would all go crazy! :) Now I live in Salt Lake City and while I'm still impressed by snow it's not nearly as much fun as it is an inconvenience. I've gotten quite a few proud emails from friends and family back there with photos of their snow. Unfortunately, I'm not going to be able to make it back there this year. :(

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