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Songs you like for the lyrics


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post some lyrics of the songs you like for the lyrics here...

'Boulevard of Broken Dreams' - Green Day

'...whats ****ed up and everythings alright, check my vital signs, and no im still alive and i walk along...'

'Wake Me Up When September Ends' - Green Day

'...here comes the rain again, falling from the stars... drenched in my pain again, becoming who we are...'

'Whatsername' - Green Day

'thought i ran into you down.. on the street, then it only turned to... be a dream, i made a point to burn all of the photographs... she went away and then i took a different path... i remember the face, but i cant recall the name... now i wonder how whatsername has been... *skip some lyrics* (i like this saying)--> Forgetting you, but not the time!....'

'Vermillion' and 'Vermillion Pt.2' - Slipknot

'she seems dressed in all of me *skip some lyrics* ... all the torment and the pain... leaked through and covered me... id do anything ever to myself, just to have her for myself... now i dont know what to do, i dont know what to dooo when she makes.. me.. sad...'

post some of your own!

P.S. u can PM me for full lyrics or just post here and ill post some full lyrics.

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Evanescence-"Farther Away"

"...Now I see what I really am: a thief, a whore, and a liar.

"There's only you, and every day I need more..."

The Toadies-"Possum Kingdom" (The song is about a vampire trying to persuade a woman to let him turn her into a vampire.)

"I'll not be a gentleman. Behind the boathouse, I'll show you my dark secret..."


I'm not going to post the lyrics. If you know the song, you know why. If you don't, then too bad.

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Utada Hikara- Simple and clean.

You're giving me too many things

Lately you're all I need

You smiled at me and said,

Don't get me wrong I love you

But does that mean I have to meet your father?

When we are older you'll understand

What I meant when I said "No,

I don't think life is quite that simple"

* When you walk away

You don't hear me say please

Oh baby, don't go

Simple and clean is the way that you're making me feel tonight

It's hard to let it go

The daily things that keep us all busy

Are confusing me

That's when you came to me and said,

Wish I could prove I love you

But does that mean I have to walk on water?

When we are older you'll understand

It's enough when I say so

And maybe some things are that simple

repeat *

** Hold me

Whatever lies beyond this morning

Is a little later on

Regardless of warnings the future doesn't scare me at all

Nothing's like before

repeat *

repeat **

repeat **

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