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South Miami

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Thread covering South Miami, and areas between Coral Gables and Kendall.

Communities covered:

South Miami

Sunset Drive


This looks really nice, and will complement the neighborhood well...


South Miami Corporation is banking on a big new project for the city

By Frances Dubson

For several weeks now rumblings about the next big project heading to South Miami have stirred up speculation as to what exactly it will be. Now it

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cool....this place is great, it's hip and it's soph, has tons of outdoor cafes and restaurants, and bakeries and stuff...I just took a ton of pictures of the area, and will post them sometime soon:)

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I love what they're doing to that parking garage! That'll be a great urban revitalization. With more dense, transit-oriented projects like this, a slightly significant ridership increase may appear!

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Not much new info... a rehash of article above...

Posted on Sun, Jan. 09, 2005


Bank proposes mixed-use site

Two and a half city blocks of land in downtown South Miami across from Sunset Place could be made into homes, stores and offices, if the city agrees.


[email protected]

First National Bank of South Miami is planning to develop 4.5 acres across the street from the Shops at Sunset Place in order to build condos, offices and a revamped bank branch.

The proposal on the table includes developing a four-story, mixed-use building where homes will be placed atop shops and offices. It would span two and a half city blocks along Sunset Drive, between Southwest 57th Court and 58th Avenue, and stretching back to Southwest 74th Street.

Right now the property is home to the bank, metered parking and some specialty shops and restaurants.

The project will be the second low-rise, mixed-use project to go before the South Miami Commission in a matter of months. Last fall, developers proposed the 409-unit apartment complex, with shops and offices, near the University of Miami at Red Road and Southwest 66th Street. The project still needs the Commission's approval.

And the 294-unit luxury Valencia Apartment Homes complex recently has been completed across from the South Miami Metrorail station at Southwest 70th Street and 59th Place.

The First National Bank project will go before the city's planning and zoning board Tuesday.

According to the city's planning director Don O'Donniley, the zoning for the proposed buildings is already in place, but all projects over 40,000 square feet must be approved by the City Commission. The bank may go before the Commission as early as February.

''It is a really nice blend of architecture and styles. It doesn't look like a massive Sunset Place,'' said local attorney Tucker Gibbs, who is representing the applicant.

''Our position is that we're really proud of this project,'' Gibbs added. ``And we want people to see it and ask us questions.''

The First National Bank of South Miami will host a forum on the project at 5:30 p.m. Monday at the branch, 5750 Sunset Dr.

O'Donniley said that if this project -- plus the others in the pipeline -- make it through, that will likely mean more tax dollars for the city.

''Between all the new developments that are coming onto the tax rolls before the year 2007-08, it could easily be a million dollars in additional income, and probably more,'' O'Donniley said.

Besides the already built Valencia and the proposed bank and Red Road Commons projects, there are also several planned medical office buildings on the way.

As of now, there are two five-story medical office buildings nearly completed -- one on the northeast corner of Southwest 61st Street and Sunset Drive and another on the southwest corner of Southwest 62nd Avenue. Another medical building -- this one six stories high -- has been proposed by the Richard Brandon Company and George Elias Jr. If approved by the city, this building would also be erected on Southwest 62nd Avenue. That project goes before the city's planning board Jan. 25.

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