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Fast facts about Toronto's streetcar network

G W North

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Since I've seen people interested in streetcars coming to their cities, I thought I'd post a few facts about Toronto's streetcar system that I found.

-Largest system in North America

-Two new lines in the last 10 years, both of which have their own right-of-way (ie., they don't share lanes with cars, thus don't get slowed down by traffic)

-11 lines

-47 miles

-248 cars (many of which are "articulated" (like articulated buses))

-all 11 lines connect with subway system

-map of TTC system: http://www.toronto.ca/ttc/pdf/rideguide.pdf

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They appear to be single units that can't a second passenger unit installed which would improve the efficiency on high volume routes.  Those are more reminiscent of a city bus.


These are streetcars, not LRT vehicles. As I mentioned though, there are articulated streetcars, which are twice the length. I'll see if I have any pictures.

Also keep in mind that during peak hours there's a streetcar probably every 3-4 minutes (each direction) on most routes.

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