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Totally Off Topic:  You know all those prescription drug ads?  Could you tell what the drug was for, if you didn't have any text or voice-over?  


There is one I see on tv here, name unremembered. I mute commercials so I know not what they say. Everyone is living their best life, outdoors, laughing, having so much fun, friends, etc. Then our featured actor is at his slow pitch softball game and as the ball is pitched he shortens his hands on the bat to...bunt. Slow...pitch...softball and he bunts.

The side effect of loss of judgment is apparent.

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What a great trip down memory lane.. I finally was able to rummage through the attic and pull out this old thing. Those German enginerds really know how to make a good toy (yes, the instructions are e

We have our own store in South Beach! Thanks, Neo!

Found this cool gif of Charlotte satellite images from 1984-2016 Source

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This post is outside the Ring City thread so I will post here. First overnight travel in more than a year and it was to Pinehurst Resort. A half-day tour takes us to Carthage, North Carolina, seat of Moore County. Carthage is close to the middle of the county. It was on a plank road to Fayetteville and the Cape Fear River for trade. The city and the courthouse itself is on a rise with the land dropping away all around. 

The courthouse is from 1926. It has a simple, authentic appearance. Rusticated stone on the ground level with ashlar stone above. Inset columns with no porticoes. A double door entry and arched windows decorate the ground floor with the double rectangular windows above. No entabulature, no recessed roof, no exterior lighting, all serve to give the honest neoclassical look. The front and rear facades are identical with the short sides also identical. Perhaps this simplicity was a budget decision but it gives a satisfying appearance. The ratio of height to width is well designed. Ionic capitals on the inset columns. There are four oaks on the property which is an oval with the road from Pinehurst circling the courthouse. Two oaks on this side and two on the identical facade on the rear. Well planted in the metaphorical as well as visual senses.


On a stone marker in front of the building is this plaque honoring Andrew Johnson who ran away from his apprenticeship in Raleigh at age 15 and lived in Carthage for a short time before the risk of capture encouraged him to move elsewhere. May his memory be embalmed...


Looking from the Johnson monument is this view facing the courthouse. Subtlety is a rare commodity in Moore County.


Looking in the other direction from the courthouse oaks one sees this new court service building. Over the door in much smaller letters by the steps is the Moore County services center but it is clear who is the legal authority here. Again, subtlety is lost. Clock was correct. The Sheriff and jail are behind this building.


Rear facade. Obelisk memorializes a local man who lost his life as a member of Air Squadron over France in WW I. Matching oaks to the front were planted and donated by a judge in 1927 so over 100 years old.


Carthage has a population of ~2,000 and the residential area around the courthouse makes this a reasonable estimate.

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49 minutes ago, rookzie said:




I'm just a pop-up lurker per se ─ just spot-visiting from the Nashvile [TN] forum, to check how others are reacting to the new snail's pace of U-P.

I'm hoping the software engineers get in gear to come up with a fast-fix.  At my age, either I fall asleep between page-navigation loadings, or dementia has time to set in to make me forget why I even clicked a link in the first place. The members of the Nashville forum aren't that enthusiastic about it either.






Yea, this sucks.

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The forum tree also seems to be missing from the top of the pages. Like I'm in a coffee house thread, but don't see the tree where I can click back into the Charlotte forum or North Carolina forum, for example.  (on desktop)

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1 hour ago, tozmervo said:

The forum tree also seems to be missing from the top of the pages. Like I'm in a coffee house thread, but don't see the tree where I can click back into the Charlotte forum or North Carolina forum, for example.  (on desktop)

Its there, the font is just white so impossible to see

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So it does appear that editing posts results in huge amounts of past material in the thread to be unintentionally added to the edited post. (its happened to me twice this afternoon)

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Sorry about the issues guys...I bit off my than I could chew myself with this upgrade. All servers and software were upgraded in a major way including everything from server OS's, hardware, database, etc. Doing it all at once was probably not my brightest idea but it's over with now so whew! :tw_sweat_smile:

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On 4/28/2021 at 2:35 PM, nakers2 said:

Thoughts on this?


I think it looks tacky.  That's why I'm glad (at the moment) Charlotte does not imitate a Las Vegas style with names and flashing lights everywhere.  Of course we must exclude - for obvious reasons - Truist Tower.

Just look at Pittsburgh with all of the garish sineage on half of the buildings downtown.  It's a joke.

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