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Publix diversifies store-brand product offerings

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Note: "mojo" is pronounced "mo-ho"

Posted on Wed, Jan. 05, 2005


Publix's brand of mojo, other Latin products to debut

In a move to capture the increasingly powerful Hispanic market, customers will soon be able to buy the chain's own brand of Hispanic products.


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In a nod to the growing buying power of the Hispanic consumer, Publix Super Markets will add Hispanic products to its private label line of food and household products in the next few months.

The Lakeland-based chain will begin small with four products -- its own brand of mojo, a citrus-based marinade for meats and poultry; ready-to-eat canned black beans; frozen yuca and fried plantains.

More will be added later this year, said Publix spokeswoman Maria Rodamis.

The Hispanic-oriented products will be sold throughout the chain's five-state region.

This move ''gives all our customers a chance to pick up new products and enjoy the Latin flair,'' said Rodamis.


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I don't know if it'll work. Hispanics seem to be very brand loyal from what I can do. It does show how mainstream the culture is becoming though. Good for publix.

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