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Detroit from the 32nd Floor

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Continued from Part One

150 West Jefferson


Riverfront Towers and the Ambassador Bridge


The Ponchartrain Hotel


The top of 150 West Jefferson


Looking west


The Renaissance Center



Comerica Tower


The Renaissance Center...again


Cadillac Tower


The First National Building


The Vinton Building awaits its redevelopment into lofts.


Looking east. The island in the middle of the Detroit River is Belle Isle. Beyond Belle Isle, you can see the river opening up into Lake St. Clair.


The Renaissance Center...one final time.


Looking towards Lafayette Park and beyond, over the vast, flat landscape of Michigan.


Cadillac Tower


Comerica Tower


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Nice, Allen. When I went to the Guardian Building last November (just after the grand re-opening) I met an older gentelman/porter who said that he would take me up for a view if I was interested. I was waiting on a friend and said I would contact him in a few. We looked for him afterwards for 20 minutes but he was no where to be found. I think this would have been the same view I would have had if I found him. I did manage to watch to wonderful video on the history of the Guardian Bldg that they had in the lobby.

How did you manage to get up there? Looks like you were out on the balcony. Also, no shots of the Compuware Building or Campus Martius..... :(

Great photos! Keep up the good work and keep posting!

- BR

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Thanks guys!

BR -

That is likely the same view you would've had. Just ask the doorman, and he will take you up if he's not busy. He does tend to disappear for periods of time though. You couldn't see C-Mart from my vantagepoint. That ugly Bank One Building was in the way, and you couldn't really take photos in that direction because you'd just be taking photos of the side of the Guardian. The north end of the building was private offices. I'm not sure if they were occupied or not. The floor seemed empty, although it is impossible to see through the wooden office doors so I don't know for sure. Haha. All I really know is that the Guardian is more occupied than the Penobscot, which only has a 20% occupancy rate.

I saw no doors to the balcony - I think those were in the next room over. We were not allowed to go out there, since there are huge liability issues involved.

One thing I did forget to ask about is if they were still looking at converting some of the building to residential space. I'll have to call them about that next week.

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