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If your "rival metro" pulled this would you freak!

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So Clearchannel appoints their Cleveland office "regional HQ" and Pittsburgh gets the Sha*$ . . . homies get 15 shows, Pittsburgh gets McLauglin and Lipsync Simpsons!!!!!!! :blink: Cleveland can't get anything right can they! Oh there is a rivalry but up until now I thought it was all for fun.



Now that Cleveland's Belkin Productions rules the roost over the Pittsburgh scene, it's worth comparing what the Clear Channel company currently has booked for the two rival cities. (Quick tip: If by chance you love music and football, you might want to start getting acquainted with the BROWNS):


Bowling For Soup with American Hi-Fi, Riddlin Kids (Odeon, Feb. 5).

Alter Bridge with Silvertide, Submersed (Agora, Feb. 5).

Josh Groban (Gund Arena, Feb. 14).

Letter Kills with Squad-50 and Stutterfly (Odeon, Feb. 15).

Scandal with Patty Smyth (Odeon, Feb. 18).

Motley Crue (Gund Arena, Feb. 22).

Graham Colton Band with Blue Merle (Odeon, Feb. 23).

The Clarks and The Damnwells (Odeon, Feb. 26).

Slipknot with Lamb of God, Shadows Fall (CSU Convocation Center, March 9).

The Used with Killswitch Engage, My Chemical Romance (CSU Convocation Center, March 10).

Matchbook Romance with Motion City Soundtrack, From First to Last (Odeon, March 15).

Ashlee Simpson (State Theater, March 22).

Jill Scott (State Theater, March 23).

Duran Duran (CSU Convocation Center, March 29).

Widespread Panic (State Theater, April 2).


Ashlee Simpson (Benedum Center, March 25).

Sarah McLachlan (Mellon Arena, May 25).

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Seems like this guy is kind of full of himself, I would READ every single word of this article it is kind of interesting that he thinks the PG Pavillion at Star Lake got lucky and only sells out because Pittsburgh "went country"!?!

Sounds kind of like a smarta$* if you ask me.

This is who we really want as head of everything music around here?

Belkin exec gives peek into 2005 concert season

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

By Ed Masley and Scott Mervis, PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE

It used to be a reporter could call Rich Engler and get an instant read on what the local concert industry was thinking.

That changed significantly when Clear Channel purchased DiCesare-Engler, and even more when Engler left the company last year.

Frank conversations were out. Tersely written corporate-speak memos were in. . .


Here's the Zen Master of all music in Ohio and W. Penn (thanks Clear Channel):20050201acwbelkin_450.jpg

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Wow, that article was infuriating to read.

I guess us Pittsburghers are just a bunch of Hicks compared to Clevelanders and there progessive/intellectual music tastes. I can't believe he said the Post Gazette is so successful only because Pittsburghers love country (whereas Cleveland is too cool for country). PLEASE!!!! I can name about 2 people I know in Pittsburgh who like country and I doubt either of them would go to a concert though.

I have been to many concerts at the Pavilion and I assure you none of them were country and they were all sold out (DMB, Phish etc).

This guy is a self-important moron who obviously knows next to nothing about Pittsburgh. Okay, so how do we get him fired? :)

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I don't doubt that the PG Star Lake Ampitheater gets some huge crowds from Country Music, it is in Washington County and very close to the West Virginia Line, it is only about an hour away from the "country" areas of Southern Ohio and West Virginia, as well as some coming in from Western Maryland (68 to 79 to 22).

We might be more "country" as a region then Cleveland but I have a major problem with some spinhead sitting in his Ivory Tower 120 miles away surrounded by people that want to push Pittsburgh down so Cleveland looks better by default.

This guy actually believes we are going to drive to Cleveland to see a top concert, you have got to be kidding!

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Someone please write a letter to the PG explaining why that guy is an idiot. Seriously.

I'd do it but I have written so many letters to the editor in my life, I think the PG may laugh if they see another from me :P

Argh, how can someone who has such dumb-ass ideas about our city's taste in music be in charge of booking concerts for us?? We really should be a separate market from Cleveland. Why do they get to be in charge? Cleveland is not even much bigger than Pittsburgh. Grrrrrr :angry:

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I just wrote to Clear Channel about this issue. I explained that Pittsburgh is a large market which is definitely NOT part of Cleveland in any way. I told them that someone in Cleveland cannot know what Pittsburghers want, and that this man clearly is way off about Pgh's collective taste.

I urge you all to do the same. Unless you want to have to drive to Ohio for all the good concerts.

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lol, I'd be interested in seeing what their reaction is, my view on this is we should hit them with a laundry list of facts and see how they squirm out of them, although our opinions are justifiable they can throw those out.

I'll put together one of my own and post it here before I send it ;)

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