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Take a virtual tour of Pitt!

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University of Pittsburgh campus tour, some very historic sites and great landmarks here.

- The Soliders and Sailors Hall holds one of the largest collections of military history in the world. It is also the set of many scenes from "Silence of the Lambs"

-The Cathedral of Learning was the first scholastic Skyscraper in the world and is the tallest occupied University Skyscraper in the world (Univ. of Moscow's steple puts it over the top, but alas no classes are taught up there :P )

-Oldest University in the U.S. not along the eastern seaboard. Founded in 1787, and is older then our U.S. Constitution.

-Has the largest memorial to a songwriter in the world, the Stephen Foster memorial.

-Hosted the MTV Real World at sea episodes through its study abroad programs.

-Heinz Chapel (yes as in Theresa Heinz) has some of the largest pieces of stained glass in the world.

-Is the home to Dr. Spock world-renown child psychologist and Dr. Saulk the man who slayed the AIDS of the early 20th century Polio in 1955!

-Identified Vitamin C for the first time in world history in the 1930s

-Has fielded 9 NCAA National Football Championship teams and 2 NCAA Men's Basketball National Championship teams.

Many other news to note about Pittsburgh's University (Carnegie Mellon, Duquesne, Carlow and Chatham are the others), but for now I'll leave it there. Hope you enjoyed!

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William Pitt Student Union completed in 1898:


Litchfield Towers completed in the mid 1960s:


University of Pittsburgh Law School:


David Lawrence Social Science Hall:


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^^thanks Russ, although it may look like it's own city . . . Pitt is just the local shorthand for "The University of Pittsburgh". It's just east of downtown. The pics above are only of the University, not downtown Pittsburgh which has some 800 and 700 foot skyscrapers. ;)

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