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A few quick photos from next door.

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The other night I was bored, so I went next door and decided to take a few photos from the top of the parking garage, testing out the new camera's night functions.

Blossom street short exposure. Down the street this way is heavy five points construction.


Bates West in the distance with South Quadrangle (where I live) in the foreground. The field that is illuminated is where the USC marching band rehearses durning the fall. There are always intramurals going on there, last night in cluded


Parking garage with sorostitute tower. That construction area you see there is going to be yet another parking garage.


Home sweet apartment.


Left to right, Capstone house, my former place of residence, Patterson Hall, and South Tower, where all the sorostitutes live.


Another view, zoomed out.


Huge pedestrian walkway that spans accross the recreation field, and provides a great viewing area to watch the USC band rehearse. Will be renovated soon to include a cover I believe. I will get pics FROM the walkway soon, since it provides a great view of some industrial parts of town. It goes accross several train tracks as well.


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Nice pics! You should do a horseshoe pictorial some time. I know, it's been done... but still.

Here's something weird and random... My ex-girlfriend used to live in that room there where the window is lit up in the lower right of this picture. fields.jpg

Disturbing flashback!!! :)

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