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Norwegian project and development thread


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Norwegian project and development thread

Ill post a few projects from Norwegian projects and developments here. Hope you''l enjoy them!

List of projects:

Hinna Brygge, Stavanger

Tjuvholmen, Oslo

Arctic Cultural Center, Hammerfest

Barcode concept, Oslo

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Hinna Brygge

Stavanger - Norway

Hinne Brygge is a major high-rise project in Hinna Park, Stavanger. The project contains 4 high-rise buildings which is approved and the first buildings will soon start construction. When completed this complex of residential buildings will contain nearly 150 apartments. All the four towers will not be built with exact same shape and dasign. The towers will face to each different location, and all of them will own different colors as facade.

Hinna Brygge A is the first building to be built, and the first construction will start in the beginning of 2005. Hinna Brygge B will fallow a month after, while Hinna Brygge C and D is not yet been clarified.


Hinna Brygge A to the right.





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Oslo - Norway

The cranes will soon start to rise over Tjuvholmen, and therefore, more info on the project have become available lately. They have just started tearing town what was there before(ugly harbour buildings), and construction of the first step will start second quartal this year, and will be finished in 2007. The entire district will be completed in 2012(don't know if I have written it before). It is Selvaag Gruppen and Aspelin-Ramm Gruppen, in cooperation with the internationally acclaimed architect Niels Torp, that will develope their proposal "Utsyn".

Tjuvholmen will contain:

Residential 100 000 m

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Arctic Cultural center

Hammerfest - Norway

This is a new cultural center which won the architectural competition earlyer this year. The center made by the same architect firm that is behind the Barcode concept in Oslo. This center will content a conference hall and a cinema hall which can also be used as a theater hall. The construction will start in January 2005 and is expected to be completed in 2008.






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Sami Center of Science

Kautokeino (Guovdageidnui) - Norway

There is a architectural competition was finished in Kautokeino, the Sami capital in august 2004. A new Sami Center of Science is to be built, and several architects has made a proposal. 6 architect firms was involved with one proposal each, and the winner of the competition was Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter.

The winning design will start construction in 2007 and is expected to be completed in 2009. The 10 000sqm large building will become a Sami center of science.


Full size image:



Full size image:



Full size image:



Full size image:



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Kristiansand Cultural Center

Kristiansand - Norway

A new cultural center is to be built in Kristiansand, Norway. So, an architectural competition was done, and in early february 2005 the city council finally pronounced the winner. 93 spectacular and impressive suggestions from 21 different countries was treated, and the winner became the finnish ALA Architects for their proposal, Tutu. The new theatre and concert house in Kristiansand is to cost 1.1 million NOK and is supose to be completed in 2010.




Model image.



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Is there any danger of floods or hurricanes in this area?

This is a fjord so the danger of flood isn't that high, btu flood may happend when hurricanes approaches. But the sea level usually don't go higher than 2-3m. The Stavanger area is often hit by hurricanes or storms, but Hinna Brygge is not in the most dangerous area. There are hills between the ocean and the towers protecting quite well. Many buildings in Norway is nowdays buitl to withstand earthquakes, even though earthquakes above 4-5 pints happends. But there has been incidents of earthquakes up to 7 points the last 200 years.

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Sandnes - Rogaland

This is a proposal to a new urban area in Sandnes. The project contains 97 000sqm of office and residential usage, including a 21 storey residential tower. The project proposal was presented in the end of 2004, so i don't know much yet about this project.




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Forus City

Stavanger - Rogaland

Forus City is a large vision or a proposal of what to become of Forus, the area between Stavanger and Sandnes. The project contains 300 000sqm of office, residential and hotel space in several towers up to 45 floors (250m). As far as i know the project has been put on hold, and no development of the vision is been done. None the less, here are some images:






This is another phase of the Forus City proposal, with a 25 storey office and hotel tower. The tower will also become the signal tower for the main trotting course stadium in Stavanger/Sandnes.

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Nye Brann stadion towers

Bergen - Hordaland

This is the tallest real proposal i ever have seen in Norway, the twins which was proposad togather with Brann's new fotball stadium. The towers which is supose to be 150m each with 40 floors is a proposed development. The towers will content residentials, offices, retail and a hotel. Both towers is expected to be completed in 2015 if it becomes built.


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Sandnes - Rogaland

Architect: Signatur Arkitekter AS

Current status: Approved

A smaller project in Sandnes which was approved in july last summer. The project contains a 9 storey and 4 storey tall residential tower with 61 apartments. The apartments is from 36sqm to 126sqm and is vey expencive, first of all because of the location. The salesment of the apartments is now almost completed and construction start is expected to happend sometimes during the spring 2005.



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